• How to set the payout threshold
    1) set password in miner
    - HiveOS: write webpassword=xxx in the password field in the cpuminer config
    - in bat/sh file for cpuminer-opt: cpuminer -a gr -u WALLET -o ... -p webpassword=xxx
    - in config.json for cpuminer-gr: "pass": "webpassword=xxx"

    2) on the pool site, on the connect tab, enter the password (xxx in this case) in the password from miner field and click set
    3) the field with the minimum payment will become available

    Password must consist only of the letters a-z A-Z, numbers and undescore, lenght max 8 characters
    Password is set once by calling the miner with the parameter -p password=xxx and cannot be changed again. You have to do it once for one wallet. it is enough to do it once on one miner for one wallet, regardless of the number of miners

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